Media Monitors looks at Domestic Auto and Sacramento ads


According to Arbitron, Sacramento is the 27th largest radio market with a population of 1,850,200. According to Media Monitors, the #1 radio advertiser in that market last week was EZ AUTO SOLUTIONS with 650 spots. The HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was #2 with 605 spots, while PARAMOUNT EQUITY MORTGAGE was #3 with 573 spots. AUTOZONE was #4, up from #21, with 518 spots and MCDONALD’S served #5 with 483 commercials. PROGRESSIVE was #6 with 478 spots and GEICO was #7 airing 450 announcements. FRONTIER BUNDLE was #8 with 441 and JACKSON RANCHERIA CASINO & HOTEL was #9 rolling 414 spots. The SHANE COMPANY was #10 with 413 spots.

The debate over whether the federal government should have bailed out the US automakers continues but before we get all excited about how much they are advertising, we should notice that we only have 6 for our SPOT TEN. The #1 advertiser out of the American cars and truckers was CHEVROLET with 8,983 spots. Coming in #2 was FORD LINCOLN MERCURY with 5,226 spots, while CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE dropped from #1 to #3 airing 1257 radio commercials. CADILLAC was #4 with 521 spots and BUICK at #5 with 98 spots and GM at #5 with 47 ads. We are still not seeing the full range of US brands using radio to advertise.

GEICO continues its streak with 50,787 radio spots in the USA making them the #1 advertiser. AUTOZONE jumps from #14 to #2 with 27,779 spots, while NETFLIX streams from #6 to #3 with 27,584 ads. MCDONALD’S holds #4 with 25,758 spots and the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE stays at #5 with 22,726 spots.