Media Monitors looks at fast food and San Francisco


Media Monitors’ latest SPOT LIGHT for the past week took a look at the San Francisco market and a look at radio spots that ran for fast food. According to Arbitron, San Francisco, CA is the 4th largest radio market with a population of 6,145,800. In the City by the Bay last week, the #1 radio advertiser was GEICO running 1,340 spots. #2 was MATTRESS DISCOUNTERS WEST with 841 spots, while AT&T came in #3 with 827 ads. CHASE was #4 running 826 commercials and THE HOME DEPOT was #5 with 814 spots. SAFELITE AUTOGLASS was #6 with 703 spots, while VERIZON owned #7 with 693 spots. SLEEP TRAIN checked in at #8 airing 672 announcements and SAFEWAY bagged #9 with 586 commercials. HONDA was #10 with 567 spots.

On the fast food front, MCDONALD’S topped all in this category nationwide with 25,556 spots. SUBWAY was #2 airing 13,978 ads, while TACO BELL rang in at #3 with 11,822 ads. WENDY’S was #4 with 9,215 spots and KFC heated up from #11 to #5 with 4,431 commercials. SONIC was #6 with 4,095 ads, while BURGER KING jumped #12 to #7 with 2,185 spots. DUNKIN DONUTS dropped to #8 with 2,171 ads and ARBY’S was #9 with 1,659 ads. HARDEE’S was #10 with 1,491 spots.

On the national front, GEICO climbs back into #1 with 59,661 spots. THE HOME DEPOT pulled back to #2 with 36,148 spots, while SAFELITE AUTOGLASS was #3 with 35,380 ads. MCDONALD’S flipped into #4 with 25,556 spots and the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was #5, up from #6, with 23,451 spots.