The Upside of Spot Radio Use: Big ROI


Here’s a positive takeaway from the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report: Activity from actual, fully-paid advertising dominates for the first time in a while, pushing iHeartMedia-related promotional spot plays off the latest list.

For the week ending July 17, just iHeartRadio spots can be found in the Spot Ten with respect to the brands that aren’t 100% advertising-engaged, if you will.

That’s a sign that spot radio’s health could be better than it has been than at any point since the first quarter of 2020, with Get Upside the dominant No. 2 as Flo, Jaime and Jon Hamm ham it up for newly resurgent Progressive. 

Job search portal Indeed is third, by total spot play count, while DuckDuckGo is fourth.

Finishing at No. 5 is the Home Improvement category leader this week for Spot Radio, and it isn’t The Home Depot. Rather, it is Lowe’s.


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