This Auto Brand Gets Active With Radio


With five automotive dealer associations battling for supremacy with TV spots ahead of the Labor Day holiday, just one opted to select radio as an effective conduit for reaching potential car and truck buyers.

The result: Unique placement in the latest Spot Ten Radio report from Media Monitors.

With 28,911 spots, the Ford Dealer Association is the lone auto brand in the latest Spot Ten, jumping from last week’s No. 10 slot.

It’s welcome news for radio, as automotive has been a troublesome category for AMs and FMs across 2018.

Otherwise, it’s more of the same, as The Home Depot is No. 1 with an astounding 80,870 spot plays, according to Media Monitors.

GEICO is a solid No. 3, while AutoZone is now No. 5 with 33,259 spots, jumping up from No. 14.

Here’s this week’s report, in full: