Auto Dealers Dominate With TV Spots


By Diana Stokey, Media Monitors

The late Q1 push to bring car buyers into auto dealers is on, and broadcast TV is proving to be a major venue for automotive brand dealer associations. Four of the top 10 advertisers in last week’s Media Monitors TV Spot Ten report are in the automotive category.

In last week’s Media Monitors TV Spot Ten report, the Chevrolet Dealer Association continued at No. 1 with 24,909 spots.

The Nissan Dealer Association held on to No. 2 with 22,181 ads and the Honda Dealer Association remained at No. 3 with 21,646 commercials. The Ford Dealer Association moved up to No. 4 with 18,798 spots and Boost Mobile rose to No. 5 clearing 18,150 ads.

Meanwhile, GEICO fell to No. 6 with 17,221 commercials while Neutrogena climbed to No. 7 running 16,022 spots. Claritin escalated to No. 8 with 15,312 ads and the Toyota Dealer Association ascended to No. 9 airing 14,939 commercials.

Meanwhile, it must be allergy season: XYZAL, an antihistamine that reduces the effects of natural chemical histamine in the body, appeared out of nowhere to place at No. 10 last week, with 13,726 spots.