Media Monitors to link with Arbitron PPM Ratings


They’ve signed an agreement that allows Media Monitors to link PPM minute-level audience data with Media Monitors airplay info in a new service called “Audience Response.” It analyzes PPM data and Media Monitors airplay data to help programmers hear what was playing on the air when they observe changes in the audience.  Audience Response complements GSelector, RCS’ music scheduling program, to complete the loop from listener to music rotation in a faster way. 

Philippe Generali, Media Monitors CEO, says the service will take the number of listeners listening every minute in every PPM market and superimpose their airplay information. So programmers will be able to hear what’s playing on the air when they observe changes in the audience, song by song. “This is a groundbreaking way to see what PDs have in the past have just guessed at what’s happening. This is great to gauge the behavior of the audience when stations do contesting, features, morning bits, special programming, etc.”

The service doesn’t currently track audience behavior during advertising. Monitoring in current PPM markets Houston and Philly will be done on encoded stations rating a 2.0 AQH share and above. If the station is part of a cluster they’re monitoring, but below a 2.0 share, that station will be included. Generali says 85-90% of stations in each market, on average, will be monitored.