Media News: Beasley, Sinclair, Interscope, Mason, LRFA, Music One


items-listStories from the communications industry: Beasley is on the calendar for its quarterly conference call; Sinclair announced its latest dividend; Interscope’s Pia Mia hoping to hitch a ride to success on iHeartMedia radio assets; Dan Mason has created a scholarship; a NJ rep has signed on to oppose a radio performance royalty, and the relationship between Music One and Radio One is explained.

* Beasley is now on the conference call calendar. It will hit the phone wires Friday 5/8/15 at 10AM eastern.

* Sinclair’s latest dividend offering is now a matter of record. $0.165 per share will be paid to those with Class A or B common stock as of 6/1/15. It will be payable 6/12/15.

* Interscope artist Pia Mia is riding iHeartMedia’s On The Verge platform as she shoots for success – another example of a recording label and artist harnessing radio for the value of its free marketing and promotional power. To hear musicFIRST, you’d think instead they’d be trying to keep the song off the radio…

* Recently retired CBS exec Dan Mason has established the Dan Mason Family Audio Scholarship at Syracuse University. It will go to students at its S.I. Newhouses School of Public Communications. “The future of audio entertainment has never been brighter,” said Mason.

* Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) has added his name to the list of co-sponsors of the Local Radio Freedom Act, according to the New Jersey Broadcasters Association. The becomes the 8th member of the 12-rep delegation to sign on to the measure.

* Radio One maintains a relationship with Music One, the latter of which is owned by key Radio One execs Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins. Music One receives administrative support and office space from Radio One, but in a proxy report, it was stated that the two companies extend cross-promotional benefits to one another and that the arrangement, which includes small cash payments and advertising, to be fair.