Media News: CBS, Entravision, KBB, NPR, Ad Council


CBSNews from around the communications business: CBS has dividend plans, Entravision will detail its latest financials, KBB has vehicle price averages, NPR is getting podcast buzz and the Ad Council is helping to promote Goodwill.

* CBS continues to divide and prosper in the form of issuing a $0.15 dividend to shareholders of record 3/11/15 and receivable on April Fool’s Day.

* Entravision, with a strong presence in both Hispanic radio and television, will be discussing its latest financials soon. It’s set to report Thursday 2/26/15, with a conference call scheduled for 5:00 PM eastern.

Kelley Blue Book* Kelley Blue Book reports that average new vehicle transaction value increased 5.2% in January YOY – we’d get the ones in our neighborhood to spend it on more ads!

* NPR is getting a lot of action in the podcast biz courtesy of its “Invisibilia” program. The show has been played more than 10 million times.

* Goodwill and the Ad Council are going nationwide with a program to support the iconic non-profit which has 165 agencies in the US and Canada. Radio and TV PSAs, in both English and Spanish, will be available to broadcaster who would like to donate some airtime to the project.