Media News: Cox, Upton, cars, Ad Council


Cox Media GroupToday we have notes on how Cox is contributing to the greening of Atlanta; a notable survivor of a PAC attack; a trio of best car picks; and news about a significant media donation.

* Cox has gone green in Atlanta – its television and radio facility is six years ahead of the city’s Better Buildings Challenge, saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and kWh of electricity annually.

* House Energy and Commerce Chair Fred Upton (R-MI) survived a PAC attack, primarily from a group called MayDay with help from several others, winning re-election and likely hanging on to the Commerce chair.

* Best car buys for 2015 from The Car Connection include: Subaru Legacy, best overall; Alfa Romeo 4C, best performance/luxury car; and Volkswagen Golf, best green car.

* According to the Ad Council, various media have donated $20M worth of advertising to help people take advantage of the affordable care act since February 2013, including members of the print, broadcast, outdoor, radio and web communities.