Media News: Disney, BIA/Kelsey, CDW, Time


DisneyHere are some notes from around the media world. And the first note is from the other side, as good things might happen to Disney in Japan. We also have news of a joint venture, a dividend and an ad flight.

* Disney has the prospect of a reward with no risk attached in Japan, says Wells Fargo’s Marci Ryvicker. Oriental is making a $4.5B improvement to Tokyo Disney’s Fantasyland. Disney has no equity stake, but does collect royalties, so Disney’s prospects basically range from neutral to positive.

* BIA/Kelsey and AdMall are combining their resources for a new ad-buying service that will provide information on spending by media type for 94 separate business categories. It is designed to give planners a picture of the entire advertising pie.

* CDW is using Charles Barkley and fictional company Gordon & Taylor to market its wares once again. The flight is keyed on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, and also includes national television and radio, and with extensive online digital and in-person engagement.

* Time shareholders of record as of 11/28/14 stand to collect a nice $0.19 per share dividend, according to Wells Fargo Securities associate analyst Eric Katz. He places this at a 3.5% yield and says it’s in line with Time’s closest peer Meredith.