Media News: Univision, CAMG, ASCAP, LAKANA, OUTFRONT, NY Daily News


items-listNews from all around the communications arena: Hernandez goes multimedia for Univision Miami; a Law Firm marketing group staffs up; as does ASCAP; a digital company serves TV groups; an outdoor company gets set to report results; and bidding for a New York newspaper isn’t exactly what you’d call hot.

* Ambrosio Hernandez is taking on what may be a pioneering a role at Univision Miami – the journalist will be a multimedia anchor, leading the news for Univision over its radio, television and digital platforms.

* Consumer Attorney Marketing Group, which helps law firms use TV and radio, is beefing up its staff with Sean Sosa, SVP of Media Strategy and Betsy Ray as AE.

* Freshly installed ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews continues to staff up. Alice Kim is on board as EVP, Chief Strategy & Development Officer. Bringing a wealth of digital experience to a multi-faceted role within the organization.

* LAKANA is helping various media companies get the most out of their digitalpublishing efforts. Clients in the television space include Hearst, Scripps, Graham and Nexstar.

* OUTFRONT Media (the former CBS Outdoor) has scheduled a conference call to discuss Q1 results. It will hit the telephone wires Tuesday 5/5/15 at 4:30PM.

* The New York Daily News is reportedly entertaining buyout offers. However, the paper is in a difficult operational situation in which it reportedly is losing millions annually. Cablevision, for example, reportedly bid $1. Another did was said to be higher, and nobody is speaking on the record.