Media says yippee about Yahoo


Internet juggernaut Yahoo is planning a major 15-month advertising campaign to boost its advertising sales. Radio, television and print will be in the mix, but the bulk of the $100M budget will go online.

Actually, the goal is to build loyalty among existing Yahoo users and/or add new users, a strategy that will be tweaked region by region. Once an audience for the web service is stabilized or bolstered, then the ad revenue should follow.

The service claims 570M users worldwide and said that 12% of US web activity occurs over its site.

The campaign is decribed as a mix of print, radio, television and digital, with the emphasis on the latter. The 15-month duration is also written in pencil, and if anything, it will be extended.

The campaign theme is “It’s You!” and coincides with improvements to the website.

RBR-TVBR observation: Hmmmmm, an online service wants to use broadcast and print to push online advertising. Hope it works, but not too well!

We would take this opportunity to point out to members of the online media community that while there are millions of websites out there, there are a limited number of local broadcast outlets, and they still are an excellent choice when you are trying to drive traffic to your site.