MediaBank partners with Ad-ID


MediaBank, provider of integrated technology solutions that help marketers and agencies better manage the end-to-end media buying process, and Ad-ID, a joint venture of the AAAAs and the ANA announced the integration of Advertising Digital Identification (Ad-ID) with MediaBank’s technology platforms to help reduce common inefficiencies associated with the advertising and media buying process.

The full MediaBank product suite will integrate with Ad-ID to allow advertisers and agencies to more effectively manage metadata and measure performance throughout any media campaign lifecycle.

"Incorporating Ad-ID coding into MediaBank’s innovative products greatly improves operational efficiencies for media buyers and advertisers," said Harold Geller, managing director of Ad-ID and senior vice president of Digital Initiatives at the 4A’s. "MediaBank is providing enhanced transparency, accountability and efficiency to our industry."

Ad-ID, the advertising industry’s Web-based, complete-code system, offers a central database where information about each commercial asset can be entered and coded to bring consistency to asset identification and enable the digital exchange of information.

MediaBank is the first media management system to directly integrate with Ad-ID. The partnership provides advertisers and agencies — delivered either on an on-demand basis or three times daily — with new or revised Ad-ID codes and metadata instantly through the MediaBank system. E-mail notifications provide alerts for successful or rejected transmission with actionable messages. Using MediaBank and Ad-ID, an advertiser can eliminate manual double entry and common errors, as well as receive timely updates of Ad-ID data for trafficking.