Mediaguide, StratosAudio launch StratosMedia


Advertisers placing buys on radio now have access to a suite of nationwide interactive radio services that drive a results-based offering. Mediaguide and StratosAudio announce “StratosMedia,” a service that leverages broadcast radio’s best traits as a local medium with community roots providing content that resonates with local populations. StratosMedia is a nationwide interactive radio solution covering all major radio stations and markets, operable on iPhone and Blackberry and on Stratos compliant devices with resident FM radios.

“Advertisers are looking for effective methods that leverage synchronized live broadcast and online media in tandem to drive measurable customer engagement,” states Kelly Christensen, CEO at StratosAudio.

StratosMedia utilizes Mediaguide’s real-time airplay and monitoring network, covering over 2,500 stations in 150 markets and Stratos’ sophisticated, interactive ad creation, distribution and targeting tools. Mediaguide’s data currently fuels numerous “now playing” applications on popular smartphones and Stratos has similar applications for mobile phones including those with FM receiving capabilities.

The recent Wall Street Journal article “Radio Tunes Out Google in Rare Miss for Web Titan,” noted that Google’s radio effort failed because Google could not accurately measure listener response. Google CEO Eric Schmidt explained that on the web, Google could charge advertisers based on performance determined through clicks, but radio did not offer an ad performance equivalent. “With an enormous data corpus, our computers can do the math really well,” he said. “But in the audio case, there wasn’t a good signal back to us about which ads performed.”

Tests conducted thus far demonstrate response metrics similar to those of the web. Cost of participation follows that of the web as well, where advertisers pay for response, qualified leads and saturation intelligence. StratosMedia features include the immediate ability for listeners to obtain more information about advertisements and songs, download bar coded coupons to their handsets, vote, purchase content, watch live video and more.

The tracking and reporting capabilities of StratosMedia compares real-time broadcast ad info with user interaction and click-through data from targeted customer demographics defined by advertisers using StratosMedia enabled interactive devices. This allows advertisers to focus their advertising investment on achieving a defined level of engagement instead of just buying exposure. StratosMedia leverages the power of broadcast radio in driving listeners to measurably engage with the content and advertising. “These are not theoretical technologies and platforms; they are all in the field and working today. StratosMedia provides the scale of reach, level of interaction and real-time measurability that broadcast radio advertisers are looking for,” states Joe Capobianco, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Stratos.

StratosMedia launches this month.