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Starcom study gives first look of mobile video

Starcom USA, a full service media agency network within Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG), has revealed results of a study gauging and mapping consumers' mobile video interactions. The study, prompted by the emerging prominence of video-enabled iPods, cell phones and other mobile video devices, revealed the behavior of consumer groups in this burgeoning media space.

For the study, Starcom's Insights and Analytics Team surveyed 1,000 consumers age 13+ to determine their attitudes toward mobile video devices such as video-capable MP3 players and mobile phones. The agency segmented consumers into three distinct user groups: Early Adopters, Early Majority or Late Majority. Starcom, reports, sought to ascertain if any of the groups had preferences for certain devices, based on the content they were using (i.e., mobile phones for weather, iPods for movies).

The findings include:

• iPods will not replace television. The overwhelming majority of respondents preferred to watch longer-format materials on their home television, indicating that programming can be specifically designed for mobile video devices. 80% of Early Adapters would prefer to view certain downloadable programming - - such as sports highlights, sitcoms, and dramas - - on their television.

• Mobile video device drives content selection. Early Adapters will download music videos, short films, sitcoms and dramas onto their MP3 players and download weather, financial news, and other updates to their cell phones.

• Cell phone downloads and MP3 downloads are driven by different needs. Consumers view the video features on their cell phones as informational tools; they consider MP3 players to be portable entertainment. Nearly 65% of Early Adopters would watch a movie on their MP3 players, while only 40% would do so on their cell phones.

• Download preferences do not vary greatly by user group. Although Early Adopters were most likely to download short films and music videos, there were no significant differences in the material any one group was willing to download.

• Consumers prefer ad-free content but are willing to download ad-supported content. Although almost 70% of consumers would rather download ad-free content, nearly 1 in 5 would still download ad-supported content, and even more would download sponsored and brand-integrated content. Understandably, consumers expect to pay less for ad-supported material.

"This is a new type of media, and it has created a new type of consumer, An in-depth understanding of how consumers respond to and interact with mobile video is crucial to fostering meaningful advertising engagement - - which will surely proliferate on these small screens in the not-too-distant future." said Starcom USA VP/Director of Insights and Analytics Richard Fielding.

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