MeetingPix, GX Hybrid Integrated Production Systems Are Launched


Two new integrated production products designed to meet the demands of today’s hybrid, multi-format work environments have been released from Massachusetts-based tech firm Broadcast Pix.

Introducing MeetingPix, focused mainly on government and corporate meetings your Board of Directors or C-Suite may wish to consider.

Then, there’s the GX Hybrid, a 22-input switcher.

Each are software-based video production systems and are multi-format. Broadcast Pix describes them as also being “resolution independent and hybrid.”

MeetingPix connects to PoE robotic cameras, enabling remote participants to be integrated into the production.

Also with 22 inputs is the GX Hybrid. “With a further eight channels of clips and graphics, six assignable outputs, 2TB of server storage and built-in streaming, recording and audio mixing, [it is something of use for] local sports coverage to regional news,” the company says.

MeetingPix is now available from Broadcast Pix resellers worldwide for $9,995. The GX
Hybrid system will begin shipping in late June for $39,995. To learn more, visit


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