Mega Media bringing “Pulse 87” to LA, Chicago


Mega Media Group, which O&O’s operates Dance WNYZ-LP (Pulse 87 New York) by using the audio of an LPTV license on channel 6 as a radio station on 87.7 FM, will be doing the same move in LA and Chicago. The deal will use Venture Technologies Group’s LPTVs in those markets. Formal air lease agreements have to be agreed to and executed by both parties by March 31, with programming to commence on June 1.
Commenting on the announcement, Alex Shvarts, CEO of Mega Media Group, stated, "Los Angeles and Chicago would be ideal for the expansion of Pulse 87 and make us a national radio brand covering the 3 top billing markets which generate in excess of $1.8 billion dollars of ad revenue a year."

We checked the FCC database to see what Ch. 6 LPTVs Venture Technologies has. In LA, they have KSFV-CA, a Class A LPTV already in operation. It is licensed to “San Fernando Valley” (a strange city of license, since that is not a city) and has its tower in the hills above Pasadena. In Chicago, the FCC shows the tower site for the CP for WLFM-LP Rochelle, IL to be right on Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago.