Megatrax launches TV barter


Megatrax, a leading production music library known for its radio barter program, has recently launched a barter alternative for its Television and Cable broadcast clients.

“We understand the challenges our broadcast clients have been presented by today’s economy, and continue to seek new and innovative solutions. By offering our libraries and additional services in exchange for commercial inventory, we are uniquely positioned to partner with our clients and meet their demanding station budgets,” said Phil Macko, VP of Sales.

“Like our music libraries, our barter business is specifically tailored to help our clients effectively accomplish their goals,” Macko added.

In addition to expanding its barter offerings, Megatrax has launched a “Quality Counts” campaign focused on the impact of the quality of its products and services. For example, the Megatrax libraries are extremely well defined resulting in easy to locate music that is also simple to use with optimal customization.

Each of Megatrax’ libraries has a well-defined personality, a direct reflection of the unique perspectives of its expert producers. Libraries’ broad range include the thrilling high-end set designed for trailer and promo editors in the recently launched Tonal Injection library to the evolution of urban music with Beat Bites and more.