Melinda Gates leaves Washington Post Company board


Most of the time the resignation of a single member from the board of directors at a large public company is little noticed – but not when that director is Melinda Gates, the wife of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. She has decided to step down from the board at The Washington Post Company.

Chairman and CEO Donald Graham said in a statement that he is sad to see her go. “With her knowledge of technology, education and media, Melinda Gates has been a uniquely wonderful board member, taking time out of one of the world’s busiest and most impressive lives to help our Company. We are sad at losing her from the board, but will continue to watch the Gates Foundation’s work with the highest admiration,” he said.
“It’s been a true honor to serve on the board for the last six years. I’m particularly grateful to Don Graham and my fellow board members for the opportunity to have worked with such gifted and committed individuals,” said Melinda French Gates. 

“The mission of The Washington Post Company remains as vital today as at any time in its history. Great newspapers like The Washington Post are critical to staying informed about developments in our increasingly connected world. I’ve also been impressed with The Washington Post Company’s work with Kaplan, whose new approaches to education are allowing students opportunities that would otherwise not be possible,” she added.

According to Forbes magazine Bill Gates is the richest person in America. But even after Melinda Gates departure The Washington Post Company will still have representation from the super wealthy on its board. Warren Buffett, #2 on the Forbes list and a close friend of Bill and Melinda Gates, continues as a director.