Membership in BEA a wise investment for broadcasters


Dennis LyleIn this world of acronyms that we find ourselves living in, BEA (Broadcast Education Association) is one acronym broadcasters would be wise to become better acquainted with or, better yet, become a corporate associate member of.

I’m honored to hold one of the two “Professional Representative”- designated seats on BEA’s board of directors (Christine H. Merritt, my esteemed colleague and President of the Ohio Association of Broadcasters, holds the other in her capacity as the Executive Committee’s “Vice-President for Industry Relations.”) Appreciatively, the BEA provides each of the NASBA-member state broadcasters association a complimentary associate membership in the BEA.

Just yesterday, Ms. Merritt and I had the privilege of providing a BEA update at NASBA’s semi-annual meeting in Washington, DC, tasked with the responsibility of reminding each SAE (what do you know, another acronym, this time referencing State Association Executive) the tremendous value that BEA’s complimentary membership provides each of our associations, placing a wealth of resources and opportunities at our fingertips.

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