Memorial Day – 2007


The Big 89, WLS Rewind – WOW. I was planning to kick back this holiday by roasting my wiennies and toasting my buns, well that happened but I did not get far from the 89 WLS Rewind stream. Guys at WLS, you did a great job and made a radio guy happy to listen to some of the greatest talent in our business that ever was – and made our radio business FUN.

I remembered the Time, remembered the Magic, remembered the Music and remembered the FUN. Larry Lujack, Fred Winston, and newsman Lyle Dean were all just great.  When the sun was not up or just went down, I sat outside with a radio and head phones trying to dial in 89 WLS from Chicago down here in Florida. If any radio exec missed the Big 89 WLS Rewind – maybe next year. Or better yet, if you have great radio history like WLS, do your own Rewind – it is Good For the Soul.