Memphis and Financial Products ads examined


According to Arbitron, Memphis is the 49th largest radio market with a population of 1,069,100. Media Monitors took a look at the spots in that city last week, along with ads in the category of financial products and services.

In Memphis last week the #1 advertiser was SAFELITE AUTOGLASS with 556 ads. STEVE COHEN FOR US CONGRESS was #2 with 481 spots, while FORD LINCOLN MERCURY was #3 with 472 commercials. GEICO was #4 running 468 spots and the HD DIGITAL ALLIANCE was #5 with 387 announcements. KROGER was #6 with 381 spots, while GOSSETT KIA was #7 running 352 spots. TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY was #8, up from #93, with 293 announcements and THE HOME DEPOT was #9 airing 272 spots. GOSSETT HYUNDAI was #10 with 262 spots.

In the category of financial products, the #1 advertiser was JOHN CUMMUTA with 4,733 spots pitching his Wealth Building Programs. #2 in the nation was HK TURNAROUND with 1,395 spots. PEACHTREE SETTLEMENT FUNDING was #3 with 1,298 spots, while AUTOMOTIVE LOAN ASSISTANCE was #4 airing 851 announcements. THE LAMPO GROUP was #5 with 807 spots and BANK ON YOURSELF was #6 running 711 commercials. DOLLAR LOAN CENTER was #7 with 578 spots and PEACHTREE PRE-SETTLEMENT FUNDING was #8 with 501 spots. RICH DAD played 412 times to land #9, while REDNESS FINANCIAL was #10 with 375 spots.

National Spot Ten
GEICO leaps back into #1 with 48,565 spots. SAFELITTE AUTOGLASS hits #2 with 42,210 ads, while THE HOME DEPOT moves down to #3 with 28,696 commercials. MCDONALD’S was #4 with 25,047 spots and FORD LINCOLN MERCURY was #5 with 24,013 spots. NOTE: HONDA was #6 with 23,606, TOYOTA was #16 with 10,690, Chevrolet was #19 with 8,349 ads. And BP was #24 with 9,163 spots.


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