Meredith keeps its dividend tradition alive


A share of stock in multimedia Meredith Corporation will bring you a quarterly dividend of thirty-eight and a quarter cents, which amounts to one dollar and fifty-three cents on an annual basis. Meredith says it is continuing a 65-year dividend-paying streak. The company’s main holdings are magazines and television stations.

The dividend will be payable 3/15/12. And there’s still time to climb aboard the gravy train – shareholders of record as of 2/28/12 will be able to participate in the payout.

Meredith said the current dividend represents a 50% increase over this time of year in 2011, resulting from a substantial increase on 10/25/11.

In addition to 65 years of consecutive dividends, Meredith says it has a 19-year streak of dividend increases in progress.

The yield is 5% of the company’s Friday 1/27/12 closing stock price of $31.23.