Mexicans not pleased with current TV offerings


Less than one-tenth of Mexicans are happy with the TV services they’re currently being offered—so says a 14-question survey earlier this month of 451 consumers by the Mexican FCC (COFETEL). Only 9.8% of the 451 people who answered the poll consider broadcast TV’s offering in Mexico to be enough. 86.7% believe that the advertising market is profitable enough to allow new companies to operate. 89.3% said it is beneficial to start a bidding process considering the rise in pay-TV services and other content distribution media.

Of all those asked whether one or two new networks should start operating in the country, 81.8% said “two”. In addition, 84.6% of those polled said that in order to choose the winning offers, content promotion and access for independent producers should be considered.

The results of the survey will help justify COFETEL to go ahead with the bidding process for new networks.

RBR-TVBR observation: The report didn’t mention that some of these issues would be resolved given the impending DTV rollout in Mexico. However, 86.4% did say converting their equipment to DTV would be affordable.