Is ‘Complexification’ The FCC’s Gift To Broadcasters?


Alternative FCC Inspector Ken Benner believes that the Commission is presently engaged in “complexification.” What exactly does this mean?  The answer could impact your station in ways you never considered, especially when it comes to data collection and how the Commission moves forward on other matters of great importance to your operation.


In my dictionary, it’s a noun pronounced as “kom-plex-if-a-kay-shun.”

The definition of Complexification is as follows: “A method used to confuse and frustrate comprehension, often used by the legal profession to win cases, by corrupt politicians to win elections and pick tax payers’ pockets, and corrupt governments to rationalize irrational leadership. Long considered a substantial threat to the life of a democratic form of government.”

I have long urged, without success, that my word-smithing colleagues Messrs. Merriam and Webster include it in their dictionaries after I first used it in a newspaper column more than 40 years ago.

What prompts the return of this word is a recent announcement by the FCC to adopt rules addressing privacy.

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