Marketing, and Repositioning, During and After COVID-19


By Sergio Mankita and Adam Jacobson

MIAMI — You never know where your next source of business intelligence and insight can come from.

Today, it’s thanks in part to the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association. The SFIMA on Thursday hosted a webinar featuring Peter Shankman, “Futurist in Residence” at Epic Marketing Consultants. He offered marketing tips in COVID-19 times worth noting.

The New York-based speaker on customer and social economies is known for working with the CEO who needs help empowering their employees.

He’s also the author of “Faster Than Normal,” the name of a book based on his ADHD-focused podcast; and “Can We Do That?”, on outrageous public relations stunts that actually work.

Luckily, Shankman’s presentation had those with ADHD — or much multi-tasking — at hand. While he spoke for an hour, it was easy to put together a two-minute takeaway with top tips devoted to marketing and repositioning for and during the COVID-19 Era.

First, he says, there is strength in being nice.

In short, Customers will remember which companies treated them with common sense and dignity.

Further, Shankman notes, People are looking for reassurance If you don’t know the exact answer, say so … and make sure you follow up.
This point was driven by his belief that many companies may become obsolete because of how they treat their clients during these turbulent times.
Those companies that survive will thrive, but only if they consider the four following actions:
  • Be transparent
  • Be relevant
  • Be brief
  • Maintain top-of-mind awareness

Lastly, Shankman offered some insight into when Experiential and Event Marketing will come back to pre-COVID 19 levels.

In his view, it will be 18-24 months.

Given radio’s strengths in direct response advertising and its value for other forms of marketer ROI, now is the time to consider how its multi-platform consumer outreach could fill that void.

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