The Key To Luring Ad-Hating Youth


By Adam R Jacobson

The sky is falling! 

That’s the takeaway one may erroneously get from a Jan. 12 blog posting from Mark Ramsey, a veteran media strategist, researcher, trend-setter, and creator of the first-ever audio future festival, hivio.

The post boasts the following headline, with full “click bait” lovers’ bravado:

Younger Audiences Hate Ads Even More Than You Do

Really? Well … yes.

Does this spell doom for radio ads? Perhaps.

But there may be a reason why Gen Z dislikes radio ads so much. The bulk of U.S. radio ads suck.

And, we’re not talking about the endless string of 1-877-Kars-4-Kids spots littering the stopsets of an FM station’s internet stream.

What’s being done about it? We, and Mark Ramsey, would really like to know.

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Adam R Jacobson is a veteran radio industry journalist and advertising industry analyst with general, multicultural and Hispanic market expertise. From 1996 to 2006 he served as an editor at Radio & Records.