Best Practices On Observing Sales Reps In The Field


Barrett-RiddlebergerBy Barrett Riddleberger

When is the last time your GM or GSM spent time with their salespeople out in the field? If you have to think hard about this, you are losing potential clients, and dollars. Barrett Riddleberger, founder and CEO of xPotential Selling and the author of “Blueprint of a Sales Champion: How to Recruit, Refine, and Retain Top Sales Performers,” offers these tips on why sales managers need to take a cue from a football coach.

No experienced football coach would ever consider sending his team onto the field without being right there on the sidelines, observing their every move.

The same applies to your sales team. Too many sales managers expect top producers to meet their sales goals without their observation, feedback and coaching. Instead, I encounter many sales managers expecting great results without their personal involvement.

If you haven’t spent time with your salespeople in the field or on the phone recently, do so.

Here are three questions to ask yourself when observing your salespeople in the field:

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