Suggested Simplified File Systems


Independent Alternative FCC Compliance Certification Inspector Ken Benner and his wife, Karen, follow up their Dec. 14 co-written column on best practices for their public files by providing their proven suggestions for simplifying the file systems maintained by all radio and TV broadcasters.


By Ken & Karen Benner

The most appreciated handout sheet we have provided to every participant of every inspection or seminar we have ever conducted contains the following opening paragraph:

Broadcasters have long expressed frustration in maintaining their file systems. The following method is an effort to simplify this problem by defining what does and does not belong in areas of the stations’ filing systems.  The following was developed as an educational aid under the Alternative Inspection Program by K.J. Benner & Associates.  It is not to be construed as legal advice.

We suggest all stations have four distinct separate filing systems. We are pleased to define them in this column.

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