Michael Copps attending community media event


FCC Commissioner Michael Copps has been nothing if not steadfast in his support for small electronic communications organizations of all types that exist solely to serve the population in their immediate area. He will add another plank to his record of support by keynoting an event being held by the Alliance for Community Media 10/11/11.

The organization, which supports operators of Public, Educational and Government (PEG) channels on cable television, will be conducting a fly-in in the Washington DC area tied to the event in support of the CAP Act, otherwise known as the Community Access Preservation  Act.

Those assembled plan to talk to members of Congress, and hope to persuade them of the importance of CAP “…to local communities, including schools, government, workforce development offices, chambers of commerce, religious institutions, and first responders.”

“We are delighted that Commissioner Copps will share his insights with community media members and supporters at our public policy training,” said Sylvia Strobel, ACM Executive Director.  “This is an exciting opportunity for ACM members to receive valuable insights into national telecommunications policy and its application to the CAP Act and community media.”