Michael Graham returning to New England airwaves


Former Greater Media WTKK-FM Boston talker Michael Graham left the station after seven years along with the rest of the staff late last year when it flipped to Dance/CHR. Now he’s back in the region to launch 2/11, 12-3pm weekdays, on the New England Talk Network. Those stations include Carter Broadcasting’s WCRN-AM Worcester, MA, Money Matters Radio’s WBNW-AM Concord, MA, Plymouth Rock Broadcasting’s WPLM-AM Plymouth/Cape Cod, MA and Money Matters Radio’s WESO-AM Southbridge/Worcester, MA. WTKK, on the air since 1999, had featured Jay Severin, Herald columnist Margery Eagan and NECN newsman Jim Braude.

Graham tells RBR-TVBR New England Talk Network is actually his own creation: “It’s completely different when it’s your deal—it’s my network. So my testicles are the size of raisins right now—pure fear. When the FM Talker flipped to Hip-Hop…by the way, I’m very disappointed that they didn’t seem to take my audition as ‘Rap Master G’ as seriously as I had hoped they would have. But when they made the flip, it left a real hole here in New England for Talk radio. The thinking in New England is nobody wants to hear it, it’s all a bunch of Liberals here, etc…That’s not true at all. There was so much interest from listeners and advertisers that I said someone needs to fill this void.”

He waited around for some smart competent person to do it, and it ended up being him.

Graham adds that his pitch to advertisers and media buyers was unique: He mailed out white envelopes, hand-addressed with cryptic messages inside and no return address (good for him this is not late 2001): “It’s worked great, and depending on the next few sales calls I’m handling, I could be sold out by tomorrow.”

Note to rep firms: He might be able to use some help down the line!


  1. Welcome back Michael Graham. My day has been made!!! I never would have known he was back if I didn’t see him this morning on the Fox 25 morning news. I so missed the ranting and raving, and the Natural Truth. Now I can get all my first hand information, I am so happy you are back!!!!!!

  2. Months of searching for a show like this after 96.9 went out where do I buy stock in this it’s Going to be big

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