Michael Jackson: An audio tribute


1330 Networks is making available for free airplay a tribute to Michael Jackson – a montage of his hits – assembled by Jon Wolfert at JAM Creative Productions.

1330 Networks partners Wolfert and Gary Berkowitz say they decided to assemble the montage and make it available to all radio stations after some of the AC stations that Berkowitz consults expressed an interest in having a Jackson tribute to broadcast.

“Listening to all those songs back-to-back reminded me of how well a lot of that stuff was produced,” Wolfert told RBR/TVBR. “There’s a reason why the ‘Thriller’ album sold so many copies. Everything about it is perfect. The production, the recordings, the performance – it’s just one of those times when everything came together just right. It wasn’t really until I listened to all of these songs back-to-back that I remembered just how good Michael was and how good all of those songs are,” Wolfert said.

Making a montage is not just about sticking a bunch of songs together. As a production perfectionist, Wolfert had to put together elements that he said “often times don’t really want to go together” so the challenge was finding a way to make them flow. That meant doing such things as edits, cross-fades and putting pieces of a song together out of the original order. “It’s fun to have a reason to dig into the bag of tricks,” he noted, despite the unfortunate circumstances.

The download is at http://www.1330networks.com/jackson.html.

You can also listen to the Michael Jackson tribute on the Media Center located on the homepage of RBR.com.

1330 Networks is a programming syndicator for AC stations.