Michael Savage and Muslim retailer find common ground (audio)


The TRN host recalled on his show 2/1 a recent conversation with the manager of a cell phone store who he said looked like “a text book terrorist” and turned out to be a very religious family man and moderate Muslim. Savage went there to get his cell phone fixed, but came out with a discussion that could advance American – Muslim relations.

After recognizing Savage from the radio the man asked, “Why do you hate all Muslims?”  “I don’t hate all Muslims,” Savage replied, “It’s about the radical Muslims.” Savage went on to say, “Men like you have more to fear from the radical Muslims than I do.” The man agreed.

They went on to discuss the delicate balance between moderate Muslims and radical Islamists. They discussed how liberal Muslims are a greater threat to the stability of the world. The store manager told Savage, “There are many varieties of Muslims, it’s not just moderate Muslims, fanatical Muslims, and liberal Muslims…” and warned Savage, “not to include them in one lump.”

Savage went on to ask, “When a bomb goes off, how do you feel?” The man replied, “I am just as frightened of them as you are.”

Michael Savage:

RBR-TVBR observation: We wonder if Savage might open up a bit of a broader topic or forum of discussion on this to help educate listeners/alleviate concerns on both sides. It would be interesting what CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) would say on this as an outreach effort for understanding from Savage in these crazy times. They’ve come out against him before, perhaps they’d support and recognize him for it conversely if he did.