Michael Savage “exposed” in Playboy interview


Talk Radio Network’s Michael Savage is the subject of June’s featured interview in Playboy Magazine. As expected Savage tells it like it is; during the 16 hour Playboy interview conducted by Contributing Editor, David Hochman. Hochman writes, “I can’t remember a more difficult interview. Savage was a fine host, but his opin­ions are extreme…But he was just as leery of me. Even when we were laughing I knew he was thinking, Liberal vermin media.” 

Read it online at www.playboy.com/savage.  Savage is ranked the third largest syndicated host in the nation, with over 9 million listeners according to TALKERS Magazine.  The Savage Nation airs on over 300 stations nationwide, including over 40 of the top 50 metro markets.

The interview covered a wide range of topics from Savage’s life experience to political views on same sex marriage and even opinions about other radio personalities.  In Playboy’s Article, Hochman writes, “Even his haters admit the show is like radio crack—and wildly unpredictable. One minute Savage is railing against illegal immigration or advocating work camps for the homeless, the next he’s getting misty over a Walt Whitman couplet or cuddling his poodle, Teddy.”

When asked about his success on the radio Savage responds by saying, “First of all I have a cantor’s voice. I have a magnetic voice. I know that because if I’m walking the dog and I’m talking, people look up and respond to the resonance of my voice. It has a command, a stopping power. And I believe I’m extremely capable of taking complex ideas and throwing a lightning bolt of connections in one phrase. People love that. Combine that with the down-to-earth, guy-on-the-street, let’s-talk-food, I-got-a-headache and here’s-my-dog ordinary guy stuff, and that’s the mix.”  He continues by saying he is a party of one; neither Republican or Democrat.

The majority of the interview was politically charged and parts were controversial.  At one point when Savage is asked about borders, language and culture he says, “I don’t even understand what they’re talking about. What? I’m Hitler because I’m against illegal immigration? It makes me a racist? I would say the racists are the people who come into a country that isn’t theirs and take it over and tell me I should speak their language. You go to a sporting event and they’re waving the Mexican flag, not an American flag. What if my grandfather had waved a Russian flag? They would have killed him.”

During the interview, Savage reminisces about his college years and having once dated a Playboy Bunny.  He says, “I glowed for a week as a result. I was like, thank you, Hugh Hefner!”

Savage was also recently profiled by the iconic New Yorker Magazine which appeared in the August 3, 2009 issue. To read, see http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/08/03/090803fa_fact_sanneh.