Michael Savage to headline WND conference in Miami


Talk Radio Network superstar Michael Savage will make a rare public appearance at WorldNetDaily’s “Taking America Back National Conference” in Miami later this month. Savage has not made a personal public appearance in five years. The conference is set for Sept. 16-18 at the Doral Resort in Miami.

Savage will preview his new book, “Trickle Up Poverty” and provide a behind-the-scenes briefing on the campaign to get his name removed from the United Kingdom’s list of banned personalities – one dominated by murderers and terrorists.

In July, the new Conservative-Party-led government of UK Prime Minister David Cameron informed Savage it will continue the ban on the top-rated talk-radio host’s entry to the that country unless he repudiates statements made on his show that were deemed a threat to public security.

The U.K. Border Agency told Savage through a letter from the treasury solicitor’s office that his “exclusion” from the U.K. that began last year under the Labour Party government of Gordon Brown will continue “in the absence of clear, convincing and public evidence” that he has “repudiated his previous statements.”

Then–British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced in 2009, that Savage was on a list of 16 people, along with terrorists and neo-Nazis, banned from entry because the government believed their views might provoke violence. Smith said it was “important that people understand the sorts of values and sorts of standards that we have here, the fact that it’s a privilege to come and the sort of things that mean you won’t be welcome in this country.”