Michael Savage to provide pre-feed in O’Reilly’s time slot


Looks like Savage may be adding another time slot for the soon to be lost O’Reilly affiliates. Talk Radio Network, starting today, will begin “testing a theory” with a permanent pre-feed (9-12 Pacific, 3-6 Eastern) of The Michael Savage Show.  Mark Masters, CEO of TRN said, “Those stations that decide to take the early pre-feed of Savage, may ultimately be the key beneficiary of larger beneficial future announcements.”

Said TRN: “Besides being ranked as the third largest syndicated talk show in the U.S., Savage has the unique distinction of being the only nationally syndicated male talk radio show host to have proven to equal Rush Limbaugh in that unique ability to create giant numbers, on a stand alone basis, and like Rush, Savage has accomplished this level of ratings performance, without being delivered strong numbers from giant lead-in shows – in other words, like Limbaugh, Savage is a true “tent pole show” while most others are often “ratings echoes” of such shows.”

“Our Savage pre-feed in O’Reilly’s live radio slot should prove this point yet again,” says Masters.