Michael Savage wins TRN suit; leaves the network


Michael SavageTop-rated talker Michael Savage has won his legal battle (launched 12/10) to free himself from his syndicator, Talk Radio Network, and can negotiate with a new network. For about 350 affiliates, he’s off the air immediately—no repeats. But TRN CEO Mark Masters says come Monday, 10/1: “We are all looking forward to announcing a bright future; radio’s October Surprise will begin on Monday, October 1st.”

That, of course, means Savage’s replacement in that time slot.

Meanwhile, Savage posted a message on his website Thursday evening under the headline “Free at Last!” that said he was free to work with any station or network from now on. He said he “will not be heard on the radio for some time.”

He will continue to update his website and produce a free daily newsletter.

We may hear sooner, rather than later, where Savage is going–maybe even by 10/1. Savage tells RBR-TVBR: “I WILL UPDATE YOU ON MONDAY. THANKS.”

Savage suit addressed his contract, claiming TRN used “illegal and unenforceable contract provisions” and “other strong-armed tactics” to intimidate him and force him into accepting a “sub-standard agreement.”

The federal case was referred to arbitration.

Savage’s lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, told WND that Savage was awarded money damages in the seven figures range and “complete freedom” from TRN.

Savage has been given ownership of his show, according to Horowitz, which means he will be off the air until he signs a contract with a new syndicator.

“Within an hour of knowing he was free, we were already talking to top names in the business,” Horowitz said.

Horowitz told the AP Savage was trying to get out a contract that was 10 years old and prevented the host from switching employers. Horowitz said the agreement lacked protections afforded to artists and entertainers under California law, and tied Savage to Talk Radio Network indefinitely.

Horowitz said Savage spent more than $900,000 fighting his case but was awarded more than $1 million in arbitration.

As WND reported, the new Talk Stream Live “Power 50,” which ranks the top talk-radio shows streaming on the Web, had Savage in the No. 2 spot. Limbaugh is #1.

More than 8 million people listen to Savage’s show each week, placing him behind only Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in ratings, according to Talkers. The immediate effect that his abrupt departure would have on companies that advertise on his show was unclear.

Savage’s bio and name already have been removed from TRN’s website.

In late 2010 when Savage filed the lawsuit in Federal Court, he was trying to get out of renewing his contract. Talk Radio Network says it exercised its right to match the competing offer. His contract with TRN expired 12/31/10. Savage says he’s been offered a better syndication deal from Norm Pattiz’s Courtside Radio, which at the time was consulting for Westeood One.

Savage said at the time TRN’s offer “does not match the terms of the Courtside proposal.” Savage claims the Talk Radio offer not only falls short in terms of financial upside, but it includes anti-competitive provisions that are illegal, limits his negotiating rights, and imposes additions terms that are not contained in the Courtside proposal.

Savage claimed his contract with Talk Radio “contains provisions that are illegal and unenforceable,” and that Talk Radio is “attempting to use those provisions to force Dr. Savage to sign an agreement he is not interested in, and to force him into an arbitration that wholly ignores his due process rights.”

He claims the deal from Courtside was “valued at several million dollars.” The Michael Savage Show aired Live Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. PT (6 p.m. – 9 p.m. ET).

RBR-TVBR observation: Savage is a powerhouse. Now he will enjoy the fruits of a bidding war. Courtside may end up getting him, from the previous deal that was offered up. But Dial-Global, Cumulus Media Networks and Premiere have deep pockets. We think the current TRN lawsuit against Dial-Global (Courtside and others are named) will not affect their interest in bidding for Savage. Savage’s winning this suit will likely embolden DG and Courtside’s position, in fact.


  1. Michael Savage has been Advertiser Poison for years. Before the US invaded Iraq in 2003, he called for war opponents to be thrown into concentration camps. Savage also has a habit of blindly attacking people he doesn’t like.

    Radio stations have had to pay cold hard cash for Savage because his neo-fascist views scare off advertisers — just like Limbaugh. This was true even before advertisers pulled their ads off Right-Wing Radio.

  2. Yeah Charles, you are exactly right. It’s fascist to say that people blowing themselves up and killing themselves and their neighbors in the name of religion is wrong. Not only is it fascist but its RACIST! It’s fascist to say that we shouldn’t have our borders open completely! THAT’S ALSO RACIST! We should allow Muslim’s to blow up us because we were mean to them. And we should allow ANYONE who wants to come into our country, legal or not, to show we aren’t racist! And anyone who disagrees should be silenced!

    You know Charles now that I think about it, you are the one that sounds like a fascist.

    • mixing apples and oranges, silly boy! i am glad the government now know how you feel, lol. mr savage bad mouthed black americans who have no voice in america too. sowing the seeds of hatre isn’t good for this country or the world community. i believe mr savage didn’t believe nothing in his soul, just helping good america people in the intelligence agencies get them rats out!

  3. Charles, you are another of the indoctrinated masses that are in serious denial and won’t wake up until something really terrible happens to you or those you love. I hope Savage is back on the air soon, God bless him warts & all! ~~~~Take off the head of the snake in November!

  4. Hahahahahaha. Look at all the hive creatures blindly lashing out in rage because someone dared speak the truth about their Fearless Liar – uh, Leader. Charles is right. Savage is a cancer and the world would be better off without his ilk.

  5. Michael Savage is no fascist. Anyone who calls him that is a LIAR. Charles Everett is such a man. Michael Savage is banned from Britain. On a list of terrorists, which he does not deserve to be on. The liberals and commie rats fear Michael Savage more than anyone, more than Rush Limbaugh.

    That is because Michael Savage can easily outwit and expose as mentally deficient, any liberal or commie rat. So the crazies on the wrong side of the political equation has a special dislike for Dr, Savage. The French Philosopher Voltaire said the greatness of a man can be gauged by the number of his enemies. There is no question, Michael Savage is the greatest political mind alive on the planet, lightyears ahead of anyone else.

  6. Savage is an extremely intelligent, honest man with integrity. He pulls no punches, hides no information and tells it how he sees it without sugar coating the reality. This straight talk can be harsh and some may misinterpret his frankness and his brutal portrayal of truth as hateful. But its not, its just brutally honest. He has a good heart, not a dark heart. He is extremely educated and provides frank, insightful interpretations based on his vast knowledge of many subjects and his vast life experiences. I think combining his extreme intelligence and vast experience provides interpretations that may escape some and be misconstrued. I have respect for those who disagree with him yet they still listen to him with and open mind and evaluate the issues based on the facts and they can also see the source of Savage’s brilliance is not from the dark side. There is alot to be said for agreeing to disagree without the hate. Hate and fear of Savage in my opinion is due to a lack of understanding. Even if you don’t understand him, I would hope that knowing that he means no man or animal any harm should alleviate fear and hopefully the hate too.

  7. mr savage. i just want to say that of all the rightwing nut job radio shows out there yours is the least offensive. its funny when big bussiness”TRN” trys to strongarm who they consider “the little guy” i’m happy you stood up for your rights as an artist. not everyone in america has access to a microphone 3-4 hours a night.Thats why Unions are so important. also, you said something on your show this evening about how everyone in bussiness owes ther success “if only in part” to other peole. isn’t that the gist of what president Obama was saying just a few short months ago. I have become hyper aware of hypocrisy this election cycle and the lions share of it has been coming from the right. good luck in your future, charles cruz

  8. Why is it that no one offers a bit more ballanced view on this remarkable man? It’s either he’s poison, or a savior! There’s no such thing as black and white in political views. I totally understand that he exagerates plenty to drive his points, and agree that the powerful far left does much harm, yet when he talks with simplistic leftists, he usually humiliates them, and if some intelligence from the left confronts him, he seems to change direction. Also I embarassed with his fake laughter. Nevertheless I love him, and grateful to him for helping ballance my political views.

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