Michaels spins another new FM


This one is licensed to Ingram TX – it’s going from Randy Michael’s Radioactive LLC to Radio Ranch Ltd., and will partner up with an owned FM and another operated under an LMA. The station is KSYY-FM.

Buyer Radio Ranch is owned by Lyndell M. Grubbs and Nancy K. H. Grubbs. They’ll ultimately pay $475K for the station, which they’ve had under an LMA contract since 5/8/07. Three sets of option payments are said to have been made, totaling $375K, and according to a contract amendment, RR will pay half of the remaining $100K on 4/10/10, and the other half – with interest – on 9/10/10.

The official seller of KSYY is Benjamin L. Homel – the real name underlying the Randy Michaels moniker.

Ingram is in unrated territory about 70 miles northwest of San Antonio. It is right next to Kerrville TX where RR owns KRNH-FM and is LMAing KKVR-FM.

KSYY-FM successfully obtained a modification which allowed it to upgrade from Class A as proposed at its birth to Class C3. It’s on 96.5 MHz, with 8.4 kw @ 430’.

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