Microsoft launches Google-bashing campaign for Bing


BingBing is calling out Google in a message geared toward holiday shoppers. The campaign is called “Don’t Get Scroogled,” complete with a video and its own website, Scroogled likely means “screwed by Google.”

The campaign – which will run both online and offline – will demonstrate why holiday shoppers should be weary of Google Shopping search results.

Earlier this fall, Bing launched the Bing it On campaign, a taste-test of two liquids, positioning Bing search results equal to or better than those of Google’s.

The new national campaign to highlight Bing’s commitment to honest search results and to help explain to consumers the risks of Google Shopping’s newly announced “pay-to-rank” practice, in which the shopping search results customers see are not true search results such as they see elsewhere on Google; they are actually ads that are ranked, in part, by who pays the most. Bing, on the other hand, affirms its commitment to honest search. “We don’t let who pays us for ads or other services affect how your search results are ranked,” said Mike Nichols, chief marketing officer, Bing. “Search, as a business, depends on consumer trust, and that requires keeping search results and ads separate. With Google Shopping the wall between search results and ads is gone — and so are several popular shopping sites. At Bing, we’re committed to keeping ads where they belong and will continue to deliver the most relevant search results possible.”

Lunched 11/28 and continuing throughout the holiday shopping season, the Bing-sponsored Don’t Get Scroogled activities will appear online and offline, demonstrating why consumers should be concerned and helping them take action.