Microsoft, Omnicom strike creative alliance


They announced plans to establish a global creative exchange where Microsoft will provide “technology ambassadors” to Omnicom’s agencies to help them simplify the process of developing advertising content that can be utilized across multiple screens. Specifically, they will work with Omnicom creative directors and media strategists to enhance the effectiveness of storytelling across virtually any digital screen, including the PC, TV and mobile.

The deal will also give Omnicom access to premium display inventory across Microsoft properties. To gain a better understanding of consumer behavior on each screen and improve display ad relevance, Omnicom and Microsoft will also build a catalog of custom consumer segments that are relevant to Omnicom’s clients. Custom segments would include groups such as car enthusiasts, moms, millennials or teens, to name a few. Ads to these groups would then be targeted to anonymous consumers across Microsoft’s media network, which includes digital advertising on the PC, Xbox LIVE and mobile, with the goal of saving time and money in recreating display ads for each screen.

Omnicom Media Group recently formed Annalect Group to align digital platforms and investment strategies. The alliance is not exclusive and does not prohibit Omnicom or Microsoft from establishing other partnerships with technology and media companies.