Midwest deal suggests Two Rivers CP has the Wright stuff


Duke Wright’s Midwest Communications has its eyes on a DIY project that will give it a radio presence more or less in between holdings in Green Bay to the north and Sheboygan to the south. The FM-to-be is located in Two Rivers WI.

The seller is Tri-County Radio Inc., headed by Charles P. Mills. It won the CP in FM Auction No. 88 on the basis of a bid submitted 7/23/10 and was awarded the CP on 12/16/10.

The price for the station will be $200K cash. That will be a good ROI for the seller, which bid $49K for the station. However, thanks to a bidding credit, its net payment was only $31,850, so the seller will be responsible for an unjust enrichment refund to the US government in the event this deal closes before 12/16/15.

Two Rivers is right on Lake Michigan, just north of Manitowoc. The station will operate there with a Class A signal on 98.9 MHz, with 6 kW @ 224’. It will have overlap with only two of Midwest’s stations, WIXX-FM Green Bay and WHBL-AM Sheboygan.