Mike Pence announces his 2012 plans


Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), one of the members of Congress who know what it is like to pull an airshift, was the source of speculation for months. He was likely leaving Capitol Hill, but would he run for President of the United States or Governor of Indiana? Now we know.

Pence announced some time back that the White House was likely out of the picture.

Now he has announced that a run for the top job in Indiana is in the works.

According to a TPM report, Pence listed his reasons for running to the Indianapolis Star. “”First, as lifelong Hoosiers, we love this state. …

The opportunity to lead the good and great people of this state would be the greatest privilege of our lives. Second, we believe our state is on the verge of an era of growth and opportunity like no other in our lifetime.”
Pence is a former conservative talk show host who worked locally in Indiana.

RBR-TVBR observation: Pence may have broadcast experience, but he hasn’t been a real force in broadcast matters that come before Congress, especially when compared to former broadcast group owner Greg Walden (R-OR). Pence is not on the Commerce Committee, and the most pertinent bill he’s been associated with has involved the reporters shield.