Mike Pence possibly positioning for 2012


One of the members of the House of Representatives who has significant broadcast paragraphs on his resume is Mike Pence (R-IN). He passed on a chance to run for the open Indiana Senate seat in 2010, and is thought to be weighing alternatives which include running for chief executive of Indiana or chief executive of the United States in 2012.

Word is out via Politico that he is headed to South Carolina for a fund-raiser with Governor-elect Nikki Haley (R). The event will be a dinner to benefit the South Carolina Republican Party, with pricy entry fees.

Observers can’t help noticing that South Carolina is one of the early presidential primary states, with the power to make and break candidacies. It had a big role in making George W. Bush (R-TX) and breaking John McCain (R-AZ) in 2000, and it can be a huge bone of contention among the most conservative Republican entrants in a multi-candidate presidential primary contest.

Here is how Pence’s background is described in his biography at his Congressional website: “Prior to being elected to Congress, Pence was president of the conservative Indiana Policy Review Foundation and hosted “The Mike Pence Show,” a syndicated radio show throughout the state of Indiana. He also hosted a Sunday morning political television show in Indianapolis.”