Millennial Media reveals mobile campaign data


Millennial Media, a mobile ad networks company, announced the launch of a new monthly brand advertiser-focused Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (SMART). The SMART offers a view of key metrics observed via Millennial Media’s ad networks. This monthly program details relevant insights about the U.S. mobile ad market by focusing on reach, targeting, impressions and handset info. Highlights from Millennial Media’s March SMART report:

•More than 10B U.S. impressions in Q1 2009 (January through March); 3.39B in March alone

•Reach of nearly 31M out of the 56M Nielsen-identified mobile internet users

•The top 20 mobile handsets account for 43% of all mobile web traffic on Millennial Media’s networks

•58% of campaigns utilized some level of geo targeting

•10 of the top 20 U.S. mobile DMAs by ad requests were in three states: California, Texas and Florida

•42% of campaigns utilized frequency capping

•1.09 were the average number of ad requests per page view

•42% of brands are utilizing other Third Party tracking capabilities, while 58% rely on Millennial Media for campaign tracking