Millennial Streaming Preferences Quantified


Music-NotesYoung millennials aren’t listening to as much broadcast radio as older generations. That’s according to the results of a study by the Music Business Association and data analysis firm Lots of Online People, or LOOP.

The study focuses on those aged 15 to 19. Some 3,000 of those surveyed said on-demand streaming accounts for just over half of a younger millennial’s daily listening.

However when combined with all age groups for millennials, the number is cut in half, to 24%, according to Forbes.

Over-the-air AM/FM accounts for 35% of the general population’s listening on a given day. Younger millennials only spend about 12% of their time listening to OTA radio, according to the findings.

Smartphones now comprise 41% of their listening, much higher than the average when taking into account all age groups, which is 18%, according to Forbes.

Nielsen said its figures from last year point to 245 million Americans tuning to a radio at least once during Q2 2015, representing 91% of people age 12 and up.

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