Millennials spotted paying attention to ads


MIB Reports MoviesThe young millennial age group is a treasured demographic, especially for advertisers who want to turn a brand into a lifelong habit. The only problem – they have a ready supply of distractions to bestow their attention on when confronted by a traditional media commercial break. Except for one location:

It is the movie theater!

The study was commissioned by Screenvision, a theater operator with a vested interest.

The fact is, according to a study from Insight Strategy Group, millennials will often see an ad first in a movie theater despite the fact that it is getting frequent airplay on television.

Combine this with the fact that millennials make up about half of the movie-going public in Screenvision properties, and would not consider for a moment dropping movies from their entertainment options, and the insertion of advertising aimed their way makes a  great  deal of sense.

Screenvision’s John McCauley said, “Given the scale of Millennials in our audience, and their importance to brands, we have a serious commitment to continually monitor and track the impact that brand’s messaging has on them. The immersive and captivating cinema environment is a great place to connect with all audiences. Through this research, we’ve found that cinema’s impact stands out versus all other media with Millennials.”

RBR-TVBR observation: As far as it goes, we are all pretty much a captive audience at this particular venue. You’re in a dark room dominated by a humongous, bright screen. Any attempt whatsoever to access any type of mobile device is sure to generate numerous suggestions from a multitude of fellow movie-goers as to just where you might consider stuffing said device. So you watch the ad. The fact that the audience skews young will of course dictate the types of products and services most often featured. Makes perfect sense to us.


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