Miller High Life ad celebrated small businesses


While much of the country watched two high-powered offenses battle it out on the gridiron, Miller High Life took a timeout for common sense by giving four small businesses 30 seconds in the spotlight with their very own “Big Game” commercial.

Miller High Life’s ad featured Del’s Barber Shop in Escondido, CA, Tim’s Baseball Card Shop in Chicago, Loretta’s Authentic Pralines in New Orleans  and Bizarre Guitar & Drum in Phoenix, proving there should always be room for the “Little Guys” on the Big Game.

“We always say that it wouldn’t be the High Life if we didn’t help people live it,” said Miller High Life Brand Manager Joe Abegg. “What better way to help small businesses live the High Life than by giving them a Big Game ad?”

The commercial aired across the country through buys with local CBS affiliates and O&O stations during the Super Bowl. Miller High Life began building anticipation for the debut with a national 30-second teaser ad that debuted the week of 1/25, most of which was filmed on location at Del’s Barber Shop in Escondido.

“To feature Del’s Barber Shop in a Big Game ad is like a ninety-million dollar commercial for a twenty-five cent business,” said owner Dan Engelbrecht, “and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”

The Big Game ad, as well as the teaser spot, can be viewed on and the Miller High Life fan page on Facebook. Both sites are designed to drive even more awareness for these small businesses, including features on each owner, outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage from the commercial shoots. Other businesses living the High Life across America are featured as well.

“This has been a real victory for small businesses everywhere,” said Loretta Harrison, owner of Loretta’s Authentic Pralines. “Miller High Life showed America what many of us already know — small businesses are the backbone of this country.”