Millions use radio for news


A real estate consultant who was interested in helping agencies make sure they’re getting the most bang for their PR buck did a survey of news source usage. TV news easily topped the list, claiming 78.6% penetration into the total US population, but radio news claims an impressive 97M people, and radio talk adds another 60M. The poll was conducted by Synovate for Edward Segal, author of "Profit by Publicity," which was published by the Marin Association of Realtors.

The full list:
* TV news programs, 78.6% (171M people); * Newspapers, 66.8% (145M people); * Web sites (any type), 46.6% (101M people); * Radio news, 44.5% (97M people); * Talk radio, 27.4% (60M people); * TV talk shows, 22.8% (50M people); * News magazines, 19.6% (43M people); * TV comedians, 16.3% (35M people); and * Blogs, 3.9% (8M people). Synovate says it based its results on a survey of one thousand individuals with an error rate of plus or minus 4%.

Segal said the results show that the marketing plans of any realtor must take into account the diversity of viable media in today’s marketplace and utilize a good mix to make sure the message connects with potential customers. In his case, he was looking at a public relations angle, noting that this knowledge is important for getting favorable news coverage.