Milwaukee and pharmacies radio ads examined


According to Arbitron, Milwaukee-Racine, WI is the 38th largest radio market with a population of 1,459,400. The #1 radio advertiser in that market last week was Kessler’s Diamonds with 441 spots. Coming in #2 was U.S. Cellular with 427 ads, while Wal-Mart jumped #8 to #3 with 407 spots. PNC banked on #4 with 395 spots and MEDARDS bagged #5 with 353 advertisements. The Home Depot  dropped from #1 to #6 in Milwaukee with 351 spots, while 7 Mike Fair landed at lucky #7 with 351 commercials. GEICO was in at #8 with 325 spots and NBC TV Network was #9 with 297 spots. Two and a Half men syndication leaped from #88 to #10 with 287 spots.

Most Americans spend money in a pharmacy near them and last week the #1 Pharmacy advertising on the radio was WALGREENS with 15,433 spots. Coming in #2 was CVS with 6,950 ads, while BARTELL DRUGS (Washington state) was #3 with 346 spots. LONGS DRUGS (SC, NC, GA) was #4 with 313 spots and SUPER SUPPLEMENTS Web, Northwest) was #5 with 205 spots. GOOD NEIGHBOR PHARMACY (Cooperative) was #6 with 186 spots, while SHOPPERS DRUG MART (Canadian) was #7 airing 125 announcements. CASA CAMACHO (El Paso) was #8 with 110 spots and DISCOUNT DRUG MART (Ohio) was #9 with 104 spots. In at #10 was BAKER’s PHARMACY (Kroger) with 100 spots.

THE HOME DEPOT, even with a reduced spot count, maintained their #1 position with 48,524 spots. GEICO stayed at #2 with 39,025 ads, while the Mother’s Day darling PROFLOWERS jumped from #9 to #3 with 30,771 spots. MCDONALD’S bagged #4 with 25,293 spots and the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was back in the top five with 20,849 spots.

(source: Media Monitors)