Mindshare issues statement on Houston PPM posting


Kathy Crawford, President of Local Broadcast at MindShare North America issued a statement on a story last week regarding the agency beginning PPM-based radio posting. The info was leaked from a memo from Kathi Claire, MindShare, Partner, Senior Broadcast Negotiator to all Houston stations (11/15/07 RBR #224), which stated MindShare is now going to post radio for all PPM markets and all buys will have to be guaranteed to deliver 90% of the total points for the estimate, with underdelivery weight run as requested at a later date.

Said Crawford: "MindShare has always "posted" radio for educational purposes in the diary markets, and we will continue to do so. The goal in the PPM markets is to post with accountability from both sides.  MindShare’s Local Broadcast department in concert with our research department has have been working with Arbitron to find the statistically reliable methods we might employ to make the PPM the "postable" tool.  That will include the reliability of data sets and the time period of same. The memo from our buyer mentioned that we would be looking at compensatory weight in the future.  While we haven’t determined the exact methods to do so yet, we will soon.  We are not the only agency looking for this kind of accountability and we feel strongly our clients deserve it.  We were also pleased to get the support of companies like Entercom and David Field, along with WBEB in Philadelphia, who are supporting posting radio in the PPM markets.  We are all working toward a standard by which we can achieve that mutual goal."